The Graston Technique is a procedure used to break up scar tissue through the use of a specialized form of massage and gentle scraping of the skin. Our goal is to reduce the restrictions caused by scar tissue by stretching connective tissue to rearrange the structure of the soft tissue that was initially injured. This promotes a better healing environment for the injured soft tissue.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain or a limited range of motion, Dr. Jennifer Hanson at Meyer Chiropractic of Stillwater, OK, and surrounding areas is the Graston chiropractor to help you find relief.

Quick Guide to the Graston Technique

Musculoskeletal pain can come from many different issues. However, some very common ones are scar tissue and fascial knots. These often impair the range of motion, create pain in the soft tissues, impact nerve function, and more. Unfortunately, they can often be difficult to detect or treat, especially if they are in the deeper tissue layers, which is why many chiropractors offer the Graston Technique. Below, Dr. Hanson at Meyer Chiropractic – your Graston chiropractor of Stillwater, OK, and surrounding areas – explains how this technique works.

What Is the Graston Technique?

Though chiropractors often use their hands to treat musculoskeletal issues, they sometimes employ the help of specifically designed instruments. The Graston Technique is one form of instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation.

During the treatment, your chiropractor will move a stainless steel tool across your body, which effectively detects problem areas. Once these areas are located, the tool is then used to perform a type of massage that uses a cross-friction motion to break up areas of scar tissue and knots.

As the massage is delivered, it creates trauma to the area, which stimulates a natural response. Blood and healing nutrients rush to the area to start the healing process.

Facts to Know About the Graston Technique

Like many people, you probably have some additional questions. The facts below should provide the clarity you seek.

  • It’s Effective: There have been studies done on the effectiveness of this technique that have provided incredible results.
  • It Can Improve the Way You Move: Scar tissue can inhibit your range of motion. By reducing or eliminating the scar tissue, you can begin to move much more freely.
  • It Can Be Slightly Uncomfortable: Many people worry about pain with such a technique. As it is breaking down scar tissue, you can expect to feel some level of discomfort. However, it should be no more uncomfortable than if you received a deep tissue massage.
  • It Provides Natural Relief: This technique involves nothing more than eliminating restrictions in the body through a specific type of massage. Your body is doing all the hard work through natural healing processes.
  • It Can Treat a Wide Range of Conditions and Symptoms: The Graston Technique can be used for sprains and strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and more.

Experience true and lasting relief with your Graston chiropractor Dr. Hanson at Meyer Chiropractic of Stillwater, OK, and surrounding areas. Call (405) 372-6919 to schedule your appointment today.

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