Deep Tissue Therapy

If you live with chronic pain, tension, or limited mobility, Dr. Jennifer Hanson at Meyer Chiropractic in Stillwater, OK offers deep tissue therapy that can provide the relief you need.

5 Things to Know About Deep Tissue Therapy

If you’re considering a deep tissue massage, the following facts provided by Dr. Hanson at Meyer Chiropractic in Stillwater, OK can help determine if it’s a good move for you.

It Digs Into the Deeper Issues and Tissues

Massage, in general, is a technique used to treat tension. However, some types of massage stay closer to the surface, which is beneficial for some people and conditions. However, many of us live with knots and scar tissue that are at deeper levels, causing chronic back or neck pain, plantar fasciitis, mobility issues, postural issues, and additional problems. Deep tissue therapy targets the deeper layers of tissue, breaking up the source of pain.

It’s Stress-Reducing

There is a common thought that deep tissue massages can’t be very relaxing, as they are digging deeper. While you might experience some discomfort, you still receive the relaxing benefits. Massages, in general, promote the release of soothing hormones, such as oxytocin, and help lower cortisol levels. Additionally, relieving physical tension has a very positive effect on how you feel mentally and emotionally.

It’s Progressive

Though the goal is to reach the deep layers, your massage doesn’t begin with intense pressure. Instead, the soft tissues are warmed up with a much lighter pressure, which gets more firm as the massage goes on.

You’ll Likely Be Sore After Your Massage

Deep tissue therapy is used to dig deep down into the tissues to break up tension and scar tissue. Often, these are areas that aren’t regularly stretched or treated. It’s normal to be a bit sore and uncomfortable, sometimes for a few days, but icing the area, taking warm baths, or using a heating pad can help. And the results of breaking up these problem areas can be worth the discomfort.

It’s Not a Good Choice for Everyone

A deep tissue massage is generally safe for everyone. However, some conditions might dictate that you need a different type of massage, including some women who are pregnant, or people who are undergoing cancer treatment, taking blood thinners, have blood clotting issues, or have skin infections. It’s always essential that you speak to Dr. Hanson about any symptoms or conditions you have, so she can ensure you receive the safest and most effective massage.

Find out if deep tissue therapy is right for you by calling (405) 372-6919 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hanson at Meyer Chiropractic in Stillwater, OK.

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